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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

More new Homes in Colorado Ridge

Washougal's Colorado Ridge neighborhood has a few more new homes available and a few resale homes as well. Some of these offer spectacular views of the Columbia River, Mount Hood, The Gorge, and city views all the way to Portland.

I have a listing that is perched high above the neighborhood with amazing unobstructed views of the mighty Columbia River. The builder originally was going to sell this home, then decided to live in it and now has decided to build himself a new house on the last lot he owns in Colorado Ridge.

This neighborhood is one of Clark County's best kept secrets. Camas has several similar neighborhoods but Camas is a bit spendier and Washougal offers the same amazing views for a better price and lower taxes too.

Take a look at this view! This 4300 SF home has a sky high perch above the neighborhood, like you are floating above it all. It is a lovely home with all the latest features and surfaces. Maybe it's time to take a look at Washougal! Thsi one is listed on the MLS at $859,900

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

High Rise Views Available in Vancouver

Vancouver is more of a mid-rise city than a high-rise city but the 'Couv' does have a few high-rise residential properties and one of them is Viewpoint at Vancouver Center. Viewpoint is a condominium project that occupies floors 8-11 in Vancouver Center Tower 3 at 700 Washington Street.

With the build up of the new Waterfront even more high-rise residential projects are under construction now. As it is however these are the highest condos currently available in the city. Vancouver does have one apartment building that offers an even higher perch than Viewpoint. That would be Smith Tower with 15 stories.

One of the nice things about urban condo views is that they offer a changing landscape. Vancouver has more than a dozen mid-rise and high-rise buildings underway in the greater downtown area and another two dozen in the planning stages. This means the views from these high-rise condos are an ever-changing delight. Getting up on the higher floors above the tenth won't guarantee unobstructed views but in Vancouver USA it is a fair bet you will remain above the fray from ten floors or higher.

Check out the video below taken form an 11th floor unit in Viewpoint and remember, what ever your do, enjoy the view.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Here is a blast from the past that really has as much relevance now as it did then, in fact in more so! There are a few pricing tid-bits that are no longer relevant, but the rest of it is spot on as we head into 2020. If the urban lifestyle is your thing, be sure to check out "Urban Living in the 'Couv'.

Originally posted March 20th, 2014 by Rod Sager

Panoramic from 500 Broadway Condo, Rod Sager, 2012
Most people in this area would associate an "urban" view with Downtown Portland or the West Hills of Portland as that is the big city center for this region. That is an accurate association. However, here on the north shore of the Mighty Columbia River we are not without our own urban views. Vancouver, WA has begun an urban renewal process that has already transformed the formerly derelict Esther Short Park area into a thriving urban live/work center. Mid-rise and high-rise buildings with office and condo space flank the east side of the park, a mid rise hotel and convention center and mid rise City Hall building to the south, and to the west and north are low-mid rise condos and apartments with retail/office on the street level. Huge plans are underway for a gigantic billion-dollar waterfront renovation that will bring mid-rise and high-rise development to the shores of the Columbia in Downtown Vancouver.

As of right now there are several condo projects in Downtown, Vancouver that offer up urban city views. These condos range in price from the low 100's for a spartan and small unit to nearly a million dollars for the deluxe accommodations with sweeping panoramic views. The two projects that quickly come to mind for contemporary urban living in Vancouver is the West Coast Bank Building at 500 Broadway with its Frontier Block Condo Project on the 5th and 6th floors and the Vancouver Center III on Washington and West 8th with its upscale condo project on the top four floors starting on the 8th. These two projects feature units with upscale hardwood floors, granite and travertine finishes, and all the plush design elements to complement the spectacular urban views they offer.

One of the great features however about Downtown Vancouver is its clear price advantage over Portland's Pearl District. The Pearl is also suffering from a variety of builder and HOA related lawsuits that can put the pinch on a purchase. Vancouver Center also has two mid-rise condo buildings on Columbia Street that actually fronts the park and offer more modestly decorated units with smaller space at shockingly affordable prices. Units in these more affordable buildings can be had from the mid 100's to the upper 200's and above the 4th floor offer great views overlooking Esther Short Park. These two buildings have 6 and 7 floors respectively. Heritage Place Condos on the north side of the park only has units on the 2nd-4th floors and so the views are limited by the trees in the park. That building offers a mixed use with storefronts and restaurants on the street level. I think it is great that a young single person could easily afford one of the Columbia Street units even with a modest income.

So if the urban lifestyle fits you better than suburbia, take a look at Downtown Vancouver and be sure to "enjoy the view".

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

What is a View really Worth?

Several years ago I posted on this blog about the value of a view and even prepared a poll for readers to opine on the value of a view to them. Today I am bringing that post back and the poll as well.

by Rod Sager; originally posted on this blog, June 26, 2014

I have broached this question in passing comments over the course of writing this blog, but never really asked it straight out. So click the link below and take the poll about how much a good view is worth to you!

Take the View Poll

Views of course are highly subjective. In general there are certain views nearly universally accepted as desirable. View across the lake, view of the ocean, or grand mountains or a big city skyline, etc. These can command upwards of 50% premium if the view is unobstructed and of a truly spectacular landmark or scene.

Here in Vancouver a view of the Columbia River will command a handsome price, throw in a little Mount Hood action and it starts to get real rich. I have talked about lesser views of trees or local foothills and those are sometimes available without a premium at all.

 There are so many wonderful views in a wide variety of great properties here in America's Vancouver. We also have fabulous opportunity for gorgeous ocean views. Check out my Coastal Living Blog, here. Whatever you do be sure to enjoy the view!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Washougal Value Views!

Washougal has a price advantage over neighboring Camas and the views from hillside neighborhoods like Colorado Ridge are fantastic.

This month I have a featured view property that with full disclosure, is one of my listings. This home has nearly 4000 square feet and is perched like an eagle high atop the Colorado Ridge development.

The view from the main level, kitchen, living room, master bedroom and deck are spectacular and the house was designed to capitalize on the view.

These views are forever views as the home is perched very high above any potential future rooftop. These are the best views for they will endure. This home is listed for $899,900 and has 4 beds and a den including two full ensuites and 3.5 baths.

Twinkling lights, flowing river, beautiful mountains, this one has it all.

Whatever you do, be sure to enjoy the view!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

View Condos are a thing!

I have been writing a great deal about condo units on Urban Living in the Couv, lately. That site deals with Vancouver's emerging urban condo market. There are some condos with great views including a few listed here.

Frontier Block at 500 Broadway, Vancouver. MLS#19319982 listed at $775,000

This south facing 5th floor unit has over 2000 SF and features a picture window view of the Interstate Bridge, Columbia River and nearby Cascades as well as Vancouver and Portland city lights at night.

Looking for a more laid back suburban feel with a nice view and close proximity to the city center? Look no further than Tidewater. Located just east of Downtown right along the banks of the Columbia River this community style development is top drawer for quality. This are well made, premium quality units. This unit has over 4000 SF of living space with views to the East and South

Tidewater, Vancouver, MLS#19480761 listed at $3,500,000

Shorewood, Vancouver, MLS#19376280 listed at #239,000

Perhaps my favorite condo building from a strictly view value is Shorewood. This complex is older with buildings ranging from 4-7 stories and built between 1972 and 1984. They are a bit dated, but these are solid units that are often well priced and have excellent views. Shorewood combines bluff elevation with building height to give a skyscraper feel to the view with out requiring the 20-30 story building. This unit has 1115 SF 2 beds and 2 baths and a fair view for less than $240k

So there it is views from $240k to $3.5m something for everyone, really. What ever you do please enjoy the view!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Golden Opportunity for View Property

Right now in the local region the real estate market is split along a price point with two separate vectors. The entry level to lower mid market is still quite strong, exhibiting some of the characteristics of the last mini-boom in from 2016 till mid-2018. Multiple offers are still quite normal in these lower price reaches so long as the property is not puffed up in price. We can call this the southern vector.

The northern vector is those upper mid prices to the highest reaches are seeing a definite shift towards a buyer's market. View properties often fall into this upper half of the price range and that means buyers may find some leverage to get a nice view home in a more affordable fashion.

Areas like Washougal and Ridgefield have an abundance of homes in the $600k plus price range and there are a great deal more sellers than buyers in those reaches. Washougal in particular offers some amazing views of either the Columbia River Gorge or the River and City Lights. Sometimes both at the same time! The surplus in the high end of the market means opportunity for buyers to 'enjoy the view.'

This home has a spectacular deck with a solid view and has seen a price reduction over the last several weeks totaling $80,000. The has more than 3200 SF and a ADU opportunity as well. 4 beds and 3 baths. Listed at $645,000.

This home in Washougal has seen a $100,000 price reduction over the last 30 days and now looks VERY nice at just $699,900 with a nice territorial view from the front and a Mt Hood view from the back. 3351 SF 4 beds and 4.5 baths with two true master suites and two laundry rooms.

This one also in Washougal features some of the best views in the whole of east county and it has seen a $115,000 price drop over the last month to $985,000.