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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Vancouver Million Dollar Views, Literally

I figured it's been awhile since I showed off some nice view listings that are active right now. These homes have million dollar views, and by million dollar I mean literally these are priced at a million or more. These are a few assorted Vancouver view properties listed on the local multiple listing service.

  • Meriwether Condo. 2 beds, 3/1 baths, 3102 SF $1,795,000
  • Tidewater Condo, 4 beds, 4 baths, 4064 SF, $3,290,000
  • Heights, 6 beds, 6/3 baths, 9140 SF $3,980,000
  • Evergreen Hwy, 5 beds, 5/2 baths, 6558 SF $1,950,000

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Why are Water Views So Coveted?

1 bed 1 bath houseboat $85k RMLS photo
Psychologically water makes us happy. That in a nutshell is the answer to the title query. People will pay a massive premium for a property with a good view of a lake, river, ocean, etc. Psychologists have written volumes about the calming effects of water, the soothing sound of the ocean, the tranquility offered by waterfront property or those high above with such views is so powerful to the human condition that people on average will pay more than 100% more money for a property with a waterfront location versus the same property without. This according to widely published real estate data.

Columbia River waterfront estate, $4.2 million RMLS photo
Right here in Clark County we can see the difference in price between homes and condos "on the water" and those a few blocks away. Even a 'peek-a-boo' view of the river or a lake can add substantial value to a property. We have a great many waterfront locations in Clark County. The Lewis River, East Fork of the Lewis River, Columbia River, Lake River, Washougal River, Little Washougal River, Vancouver Lake, Lacamas Lake, Salmon Creek, Burnt Bridge Creek, etc.

The Columbia River and Vancouver Lake are both large enough to have a big impact on the view from a nearby home. The Columbia River is more than mile wide in several locations around Vancouver and Vancouver Lake is more than two miles wide.

If all the PhDs are right, then we have a great many ways to be happy. From inexpensive house boats to crazy money on the Columbia waterfront along with everything in between. What ever you do, be sure to enjoy the view!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Up on the Roof, is a Thing in Vancouver

It seems Downtown Vancouver has a closet rooftop society. Huh you ask? Well take a ride in the Google Earth app and float above Vancouver and you will find a clearly disproportionate number of rooftop patios and penthouse decks. There are a dozen or more in fact Downtown alone. It seems that grabbing an urban vista dates back to the pre-war era.

More recently, in 1978 a penthouse suite was added to the top of the Arts building creating a defacto seventh floor. This penthouse suite has a sweeping patio on the roof of the building offering up some amazing views of downtown to the south, north, and east. There is a patio up top on the Riverview Tower offering sunbathed 11th floor vista. The old First Independent Bank building has a nice south facing patio off the fifth floor. The Main Place building was erected in 1991 and offers a patio off the 7th floor large enough to entertain a couple dozen executives.

Now I mentioned rooftop didn't I? Yes I did. 805 Broadway is one of the tallest structures in town, but rather than perch their patio way up high they made a third floor walkout on the roof of the lower section of the building. There's plenty of space to kick back and soak up some rays after a hard day and room to keep that 6 foot social distancing too. Almost as amazing is the rooftop patios on much shorter building like the one atop 275 west third street which is a one story building! I would have never noticed it until I spied it one day while checking out a a fourth floor suite in the new Hurley Building. But that's not the half of it, there's even a sweet municipal pad on the third floor of City Hall! Yes our 6 floor city hall has a shorter 2 story entrance area with a roof top patio accessed on the third floor of the main building. Yes the 'Couv' knows how get down at lunch on a nice summer day.

The new waterfront is no stranger to this secret obsession with the rooftop rendezvous. The Rediviva apartment building has a 7th floor rooftop patio with a BBQ and mini kitchen setup, The Murdock office building next door features a nice patio off the seventh floor as well. Not to be outdone, nearby Riverwest has an enormous patio in between the taller East, North, and South wings accessed from the third floor, this has benches, BBQ, even a putting green! The new Columbia building on block 20 wants to one up em' with a second floor rooftop access and an infinity pool giving the illusion of spilling over the building's edge into the mighty Columbia River. Kirkland's now topped out condo tower has a similar setup with a kitchen and community room on the twelfth floor that leads out to a large roof top patio. Indigo hotel will have a sky lounge on the eight floor with a large open patio overlooking the river later this year.

Many of the apartment buildings that have gone up recently feature decks and patios for the use of the building's residents that capitalize on urban views of the city. Yes it seems Vancouver USA has a bit of the roof top fetish and that is fine by me.

What ever you do be sure to enjoy the view!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Want a great view? Sometimes you Gotta get High.

No, not that kind of high, silly. I'm talking about elevation. In Clark County, WA we have a few neighborhoods where you can get just shy of 2000 feet above sea level. From these heights the view becomes rather panoramic. I once marketed a property that the owner claimed was the highest house in the county and his elevation was 1968 feet. I do not know if he was actually the highest or not, but I do know that most of our areas above 2000 feet are controlled by the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) or the NFS (National Forest Service). So it was at least one of the highest.

From the lofty heights above 1000 feet the views are less about the river or the city skyline and more about the grand panorama all around. This is the remote rural type view where you look out over all creation like you are the Lord of the View.

The images shown here were taken for a home that was listed back in 2012 up on Ammeter Road in Washougal. This house sits at 1400 feet above sea level and is situated 23 miles from Portland International Airport. The ride in this Corona Virus light traffic is 30 minutes, typical traffic closer to 40 minutes.

There are several areas in Clark County where one can look at view properties above 1000 feet. Bear Prairie in Washougal, Livingston Mountain in Camas/Washougal, Lower slopes of Larch Mountain in Brush Prairie / Hockinson, and several areas in to the north above Battle Ground.

These high country homes will have a lot more snow in the winter time and potential homeowners should be aware that sometimes the getting in and out is quite challenging at these heights.

Whether you prefer to keep it low or fly high, be sure to enjoy the view.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

A View Isn't Always a "View"

Originally posted March, 2014 by Rod Sager. 

I enjoy a great view. Especially from a giant picture window or off a fabulous deck. But not all views have to be from expensive homes in exclusive neighborhoods. One of the great things about living in the Pacific Northwest is that we have brilliant scenery everywhere. When looking for a home in modest areas you can still look for a house with nice view. At least nicer than say the side of your neighbors house.

You can be looking at a cookie cutter house in a miscellaneous suburban neighborhood and come up with something better than you neighbor's teenage kid's broken down car. Choosing a home at the end of a culdesac or on a corner can open up space between neighbors that can lead to something nice to look at.

It doesn't have to be Mount Hood or the Gorge. It need not be waterfront. Sometimes just some pleasant trees or a nice sunset is all the recompense one needs after a long day at work. Even the gloomiest days can look good if the view is right.

Homes priced at or even below median here in Clark County, WA can have a decent view. Sometimes when the stars align even a mundane sub-median home can offer up a spectacular view as was the case with a home I marketed
last year. This home was in Camas and sold for less than the median price. It was priced below market. The view out the dining room and family room was a nice Mount Hood vista. There was a panoramic 180 degree view off the deck. This house was a bank owned property that needed work and had some issues but somebody ended up with an amazing view for a paltry price. It can happen.

But even if you have to settle for a view that is a little less spectacular, a view of some nice trees or the foothills always beats the neighbor's T-111 siding. When shopping for a house, look out the window, you might shock yourself with what you see.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

More new Homes in Colorado Ridge

Washougal's Colorado Ridge neighborhood has a few more new homes available and a few resale homes as well. Some of these offer spectacular views of the Columbia River, Mount Hood, The Gorge, and city views all the way to Portland.

I have a listing that is perched high above the neighborhood with amazing unobstructed views of the mighty Columbia River. The builder originally was going to sell this home, then decided to live in it and now has decided to build himself a new house on the last lot he owns in Colorado Ridge.

This neighborhood is one of Clark County's best kept secrets. Camas has several similar neighborhoods but Camas is a bit spendier and Washougal offers the same amazing views for a better price and lower taxes too.

Take a look at this view! This 4300 SF home has a sky high perch above the neighborhood, like you are floating above it all. It is a lovely home with all the latest features and surfaces. Maybe it's time to take a look at Washougal! Thsi one is listed on the MLS at $859,900

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

High Rise Views Available in Vancouver

Vancouver is more of a mid-rise city than a high-rise city but the 'Couv' does have a few high-rise residential properties and one of them is Viewpoint at Vancouver Center. Viewpoint is a condominium project that occupies floors 8-11 in Vancouver Center Tower 3 at 700 Washington Street.

With the build up of the new Waterfront even more high-rise residential projects are under construction now. As it is however these are the highest condos currently available in the city. Vancouver does have one apartment building that offers an even higher perch than Viewpoint. That would be Smith Tower with 15 stories.

One of the nice things about urban condo views is that they offer a changing landscape. Vancouver has more than a dozen mid-rise and high-rise buildings underway in the greater downtown area and another two dozen in the planning stages. This means the views from these high-rise condos are an ever-changing delight. Getting up on the higher floors above the tenth won't guarantee unobstructed views but in Vancouver USA it is a fair bet you will remain above the fray from ten floors or higher.

Check out the video below taken form an 11th floor unit in Viewpoint and remember, what ever your do, enjoy the view.