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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

What is a View really Worth?

Several years ago I posted on this blog about the value of a view and even prepared a poll for readers to opine on the value of a view to them. Today I am bringing that post back and the poll as well.

by Rod Sager; originally posted on this blog, June 26, 2014

I have broached this question in passing comments over the course of writing this blog, but never really asked it straight out. So click the link below and take the poll about how much a good view is worth to you!

Take the View Poll

Views of course are highly subjective. In general there are certain views nearly universally accepted as desirable. View across the lake, view of the ocean, or grand mountains or a big city skyline, etc. These can command upwards of 50% premium if the view is unobstructed and of a truly spectacular landmark or scene.

Here in Vancouver a view of the Columbia River will command a handsome price, throw in a little Mount Hood action and it starts to get real rich. I have talked about lesser views of trees or local foothills and those are sometimes available without a premium at all.

 There are so many wonderful views in a wide variety of great properties here in America's Vancouver. We also have fabulous opportunity for gorgeous ocean views. Check out my Coastal Living Blog, here. Whatever you do be sure to enjoy the view!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Washougal Value Views!

Washougal has a price advantage over neighboring Camas and the views from hillside neighborhoods like Colorado Ridge are fantastic.

This month I have a featured view property that with full disclosure, is one of my listings. This home has nearly 4000 square feet and is perched like an eagle high atop the Colorado Ridge development.

The view from the main level, kitchen, living room, master bedroom and deck are spectacular and the house was designed to capitalize on the view.

These views are forever views as the home is perched very high above any potential future rooftop. These are the best views for they will endure. This home is listed for $899,900 and has 4 beds and a den including two full ensuites and 3.5 baths.

Twinkling lights, flowing river, beautiful mountains, this one has it all.

Whatever you do, be sure to enjoy the view!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

View Condos are a thing!

I have been writing a great deal about condo units on Urban Living in the Couv, lately. That site deals with Vancouver's emerging urban condo market. There are some condos with great views including a few listed here.

Frontier Block at 500 Broadway, Vancouver. MLS#19319982 listed at $775,000

This south facing 5th floor unit has over 2000 SF and features a picture window view of the Interstate Bridge, Columbia River and nearby Cascades as well as Vancouver and Portland city lights at night.

Looking for a more laid back suburban feel with a nice view and close proximity to the city center? Look no further than Tidewater. Located just east of Downtown right along the banks of the Columbia River this community style development is top drawer for quality. This are well made, premium quality units. This unit has over 4000 SF of living space with views to the East and South

Tidewater, Vancouver, MLS#19480761 listed at $3,500,000

Shorewood, Vancouver, MLS#19376280 listed at #239,000

Perhaps my favorite condo building from a strictly view value is Shorewood. This complex is older with buildings ranging from 4-7 stories and built between 1972 and 1984. They are a bit dated, but these are solid units that are often well priced and have excellent views. Shorewood combines bluff elevation with building height to give a skyscraper feel to the view with out requiring the 20-30 story building. This unit has 1115 SF 2 beds and 2 baths and a fair view for less than $240k

So there it is views from $240k to $3.5m something for everyone, really. What ever you do please enjoy the view!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Golden Opportunity for View Property

Right now in the local region the real estate market is split along a price point with two separate vectors. The entry level to lower mid market is still quite strong, exhibiting some of the characteristics of the last mini-boom in from 2016 till mid-2018. Multiple offers are still quite normal in these lower price reaches so long as the property is not puffed up in price. We can call this the southern vector.

The northern vector is those upper mid prices to the highest reaches are seeing a definite shift towards a buyer's market. View properties often fall into this upper half of the price range and that means buyers may find some leverage to get a nice view home in a more affordable fashion.

Areas like Washougal and Ridgefield have an abundance of homes in the $600k plus price range and there are a great deal more sellers than buyers in those reaches. Washougal in particular offers some amazing views of either the Columbia River Gorge or the River and City Lights. Sometimes both at the same time! The surplus in the high end of the market means opportunity for buyers to 'enjoy the view.'

This home has a spectacular deck with a solid view and has seen a price reduction over the last several weeks totaling $80,000. The has more than 3200 SF and a ADU opportunity as well. 4 beds and 3 baths. Listed at $645,000.

This home in Washougal has seen a $100,000 price reduction over the last 30 days and now looks VERY nice at just $699,900 with a nice territorial view from the front and a Mt Hood view from the back. 3351 SF 4 beds and 4.5 baths with two true master suites and two laundry rooms.

This one also in Washougal features some of the best views in the whole of east county and it has seen a $115,000 price drop over the last month to $985,000.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Another look at Mighty Mountain Views

Last year I wrote up a piece about the mountain views available from a variety of neighborhoods in Clark County, Washington. Still rings true today :)

Originally posted here, March, 20, 2018, by Rod Sager

There is something majestic about a grand mountain view. Last time I talked up this view and I figured I could elaborate a bit. As a Realtor® I often show or list properties with these wonderful views. Some of course are better than others. I do currently have a listing in Washougal, WA with a nice view of Mount Hood, OR. These homes with unobstructed views are often larger and more expensive, but I have seen very modest homes with truly amazing views. On this blog several years ago I wrote an article about such homes in Camas, WA several years back. Read about that here.

This house today is a little less modest but still not too terribly high on the price either. It is brand new construction just below Colorado Ridge and the lot was perfect for a front view of Oregon's highest peak. The 3000 plus square foot home is less than 600k and has this view from the upper bonus room.

I would love to be able to kick back and just watch the snow fall on winter day or a sunrise behind that mountain. Wow what a view huh? Sure, I've sold a few homes with much better views than this, but those are usually home reserved for the fifty foot yacht owners. This home is within reach of people who don't own their own airplane.

In fact it is safe to say there are scores of homes in the hills above Washougal that have these sorts of views and for prices that are almost pedestrian.

Oh, by the way, for those wondering about the house attached to the views I showed today and last month, here it is in all her glory. It is a fabulous floor plan with more than 3000 squares and 2400 of those are on the main level. The master and a full guest suite are on the main along with a den/bedroom with 10 foot ceilings and then two giant bedrooms/bonus rooms up stairs. I love this house and you probably would too.

OK enough of my cheap marketing moments on this otherwise fantastic blog about views. I have always had a soft spot for a nice view and the hills around Washougal are one of many Clark County neighborhoods serving them up.

I will continue my quest for the ultimate views and pass them on to you as they come up. Rivers, mountains, city skylines and sometimes all from the same deck! I love it when that happens, anyhow, that's all I got this time, and please remember, what ever you do, be sure to enjoy the view.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Amazing River Views!

There are still some homes available in Colorado Ridge with spectacular views of the Gorge, City, and Columbia River. These lots are running out and there is a limited amount of future develop-able land with these kinds of views.

I have written several times about Colorado Ridge over the years. It is an excellent alternative to the much pricier options on Prune Hill in Camas. Prune Hill and Colorado Ridge, along with Lookout Ridge offer excellent views from a location that is high enough to see over the top of trees and the local city yet low enough to have modest snowfall in the winter.

This is partly what makes these areas so desirable, they lie in that sweet spot of low elevation hillsides granting the best of both worlds so  to speak.

This property for example will go live on the MLS next week. The home features more than 4000 square feet with room to expand in the unfinished daylight basement. It should be priced at around $1 million to $1.1 million.

The home has an eagle's perch that gives the owner a feeling of being in a high rise rather than a house. It feels much higher than it is. The home is situated at an elevation of less than 600 feet above sea level so the winter weather will not vary much from the valley floor. These properties are located within the city of Washougal and are close in to services. It is a mere 20 minute drive to PDX.

Clark County is a wonderful location for view properties of all types and these suburban hillside sin Camas and Washougal are just a another example of how easy it is to the enjoy the view.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Summer Hills Revisited

Main road in Summer Hills in the Autumn
Sometimes people want to get out of town. They want to rid themselves of the city atmosphere, the endless sirens, traffic noise, crowds, etc. Often these weary city beaten folks find themselves in areas like Hockinson or Brush Prairie. There is a subdivision that offers an escape from the city with reasonable proximity to services and of course the prerequisite for this blog is amazing views and it has that too.
Currently listed for $1,496,000

The Summer Hills subdivision offers some of the best territorial and city views in the area. This subdivision is located in the Cascade foothills of Brush Prairie above Hockinson. This subdivision is up around 1000 feet of elevation at the top, so snowfall is more common than Vancouver but the southwest exposure does help the snow melt fast. This is a neighborhood filled with larger homes priced above $700,000 and many exceed $1,000,000. Despite the upper end pricing, these homes tend to be much less expensive than similar homes in Camas or along Evergreen Hwy in Vancouver.
View from a listed Summer Hills Property
Buyers that pay this lofty but actually reasonable price are rewarded with breathtaking views that reach beyond the Metro area to the Coast mountains of Northwestern Oregon, South all the way down the Willamette Valley and across the greater Vancouver area. City lights by night and mountains by day. Most of these homes lack a view of the High Cascade peaks because of the southwest exposure but the territorial views are among the best you will find locally.

Google overview of neighborhood

This place feels like it is way out in the country yet it is only 6 miles to Padden Parkway and 162nd in Vancouver and less than 30 minutes to catch that flight out of PDX. The neighborhood backs up to open space and forest land. Summer Hills remains one of my favorite communities in Clark County. I always enjoy showing and listing property in this wonderful neighborhood. This is really quite the little paradise and I would invite you to check it out if you really want to enjoy the view!