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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Columbia Palisades Just Got Real

Borrowing from Apple iPhone there, but this isn't about the iPhone 12 and its 5G. Columbia Palisades went from dream to reality fairly quickly. This new neighborhood is being carved out of the old Fisher's Quarry rock and gravel mine on 192nd Avenue and Brady Road. Last year lots were sold up along the rim of the quarry for single family homes. Many of those homes are already built and most of the others are underway. This homes have rather spectacular views of the river and the city lights at night.

But now Kirkland Development, the company behind the 12 story Kirkland Tower condos at the waterfront, the Indigo Hotel at the waterfront, and the ambitious redevelopment proposal of the Restaurant properties just east of the Interstate Bridge; yes that Kirkland, is about to begin the Ledges at Columbia Palisades. 

This was originally a pair of seven story buildings one with apartments the other with condos. That is still the arrangement but the structures will only rise five floors in the final product. This should allow for a more affordable Palisades experience than the gazillion dollar homes perched up on the rim.

Contrary to what you mapping software might think, this entire project is in Vancouver, not Camas. The homes perched up on the cliff however will be part of the Camas School District despite their location inside the incorporated City of Vancouver. Confusing, but whatever, it works. The apartments and condos will likely be part of the Evergreen School District. 

The views here are pretty solid despite a base elevation between 200 and 400 feet. This development also has amazing access to the 192nd Avenue shopping corridor and immediate access to the SR-14 freeway. This should be a roaring success for those looking for a slightly less urban experience but not quite the three dogs in the yard suburbia routine. Bravo Vancouver, looking good at the east end.

What ever your do, enjoy the view!

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The Aria Opening Next Month.

Vancouver continues to build high-rise and mid-rise residential towers in the Downtown area and Waterfront. The latest is an apartment building built by local urban developer, Cascadia Development Partners. I had the opportunity to tour the building a week early, this morning.

Cascadia has already seen success in this type of large apartment development with the highly successful Uptown that was quickly leased and later sold to a residential asset manager for a tidy profit. 

The Aria is a nice building that offers a variety of views from its seven floors of both townhouse apartments and flats. The upper floors of this building are tall enough above the immediate surroundings to provide a lasting view. that view will change as new developments arise particularly at the Waterfront. But the views are not likely to be completely blocked. Plans for Vancouver's waterfront Gateway call for shorter four to five story buildings that allow the top floors here to see over.

The Aria is a nice building will all the desirable city life amenities and could make a good starting point for residents unsure the city life is for them. A year or two later, perhaps a condo would be the likely new step. 

Vancouver is booming right now and these Apartment towers are proof positive. Property managers have had little trouble renting the thousands of new units that have poured into Downtown over the last few years.

What ever you do, be sure to enjoy the view!

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Kirkland Tower views will soon be for sale...

Kirkland Tower has been noticeably delayed, likely due to COVID related slowdowns and the FAA mandated early removal of the tower crane supporting the project. But it is clearly getting close to completion along with the companion Indigo Hotel project next door. I look forward to these amazing luxury high condos opening for tours and sales probably by April. Let's see, in the meantime here is a piece I wrote last year about the project.

Originally published September 15th, 2020 by Rod Sager

Kirkland Tower is nearing completion as the final exterior cladding is almost complete and the tedious interior work shall begin. These units should be available in the first quarter of 2021. Kirkland Tower is the fist condominium project on the newly minted Waterfront. This 12 story tower will feature 40 luxury condo units some offering unparalleled views of the mighty Columbia River. The building is located right on the water just two blocks from the Grant Street Pier. 

I wrote about high rise views a few months back, here is that article.

Kirkland published some "view" samples taken before the structure was up presumably with a drone or from strategic spots on the tower crane. The photo below was their "north" view actually looking to the NE from the 11th floor.  

The picture is pretty old a couple of years back in fact, the skyline has already been noticeably altered with new buildings that have risen up since. The river views can be taken in by any of the tower's residents when visiting the community penthouse and 12th floor patio. The penthouse is depicted in this drawing from the Kirkland website.

Taking advantage of these views will come at a steep cost as the price of admission at Kirkland may start in seven figures and could dive deep into the multi millions for larger and higher units. Those on a more modest budget can soak up the river views from the Indigo Hotel's Sky Lounge on the 8th floor of the companion hotel rising up next to Kirkland.

I am hoping the Kirkland has no problem selling those 40 units because in the wings are a few more high rise condo projects and I think they are all waiting to see how Dean Kirkland does with his. Here's to success high in the sky in Downtown Vancouver USA. 

If you are interested in Vancouver's Urban Living opportunities check out the exclusive blog and website: What ever you do, be sure to enjoy the view.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

How much would you pay for a "View?"

Originally posted June 26, 2014

I have broached this question in passing comments over the course of writing this blog, but never really asked it straight out. So click the link below and take the poll about how much a good view is worth to you!

Take the View Poll

Views of course are highly subjective. In general there are certain views nearly universally accepted as desirable. View across the lake, view of the ocean, or grand mountains or a big city skyline, etc. These can command upwards of 50% premium if the view is unobstructed and of a truly spectacular landmark or scene.

Here in Vancouver a view of the Columbia River will command a handsome price, throw in a little Mount Hood action and it starts to get real rich. I have talked about lesser views of trees or local foothills and those are sometimes available without a premium at all.

 There are so many wonderful views in a wide variety of great properties here in America's Vancouver. We also have fabulous opportunity for gorgeous ocean views. Check out my Coastal Living Blog, here. Whatever you do be sure to enjoy the view!

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Nice Views for Regular People do Exist.

Happy Holidays everyone. I hope you are all enjoying yourselves and I bet you can't wait for 2020 to hit the rear view mirror. Anyhow this month I am looking back to a post from the past with the view for the regular folks. This was originally posted several years ago.

From the street near NE 152nd and NE 108th ,Vancouver

I have blathered on ad nauseum about views, views, views. What can I say? I love views :) But owning a home with a view can be an expensive proposition. Sure, sitting out on that deck perched up high over the river, the city or the valley is great. Who doesn't want to relax after a long day a watch the sun set over the gorgeous Pacific Northwest scenery? But homes that offer these terrific views are often substantially more expenses than a similar home without such views.

For those among us that like to walk or bike around the neighborhood an affordable view opportunity may exist. Owning a home in a neighborhood that has other homes with spectacular views means there is a very good chance that just walking around the neighborhood will offer gorgeous views. Sure, this scenario doesn't offer the opportunity to sip your favorite beverage while soaking in the view, but it could save you tens of thousands of dollars on the purchase price.

Overlooking WSUV, Mount Vista Neighborhood

Clark County is chock full of neighborhoods with a variety of views and many homes are situated on lots that do not have a view. A quick walk around the block however often yields wonderful view opportunities. Many neighborhoods have small community parks that have views of Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens, or the river and a short walk or bike ride gets you there.

The Mount Vista area in Vancouver offers a lot of views along NE 29th above the WSUV Campus and there are nice paved trails on the campus as well featuring rather spectacular views of three Cascade volcanoes, Mount hood, Mount Saint Helens, and Mount Adams.

Renaissance Trail, Vancouver

Some of the condos along the waterfront near the Kaiser Shipyards offer excellent waterfront views, yet many more are interior units that do not have a view. It is a very short walk to the Renaissance trail to take in the wonderful riverside vistas.

There are many great public viewpoints throughout our city and Clark County, and the next best thing to a great view property is a great view neighborhood.

What ever you do, please enjoy the view.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Shorewood Offers Value Views

Shorewood Condominiums are on the bluff above Tidewater Cove. This near 50 year old complex of buildings features condos in several buildings of 4-7 stories each built from the early 70s through the mid 80s. The buildings are tall enough to see over trees and high on a bluff above SR-14 offering nice views of the River and both Downtown Portland and Downtown Vancouver or the high cascades including Mount Hood.

What makes Shorewood a value is the price! These condos tend to be available from the low $200s to the mid $400s. On the Urban Living in the 'Couv' website you can find several condos listed at Shorewood along with other urban condos in Vancouver. 

Not every unit in this development offers a great view, but those that do are still available at reasonable prices. The reason they are such a value isn't because the condo gods are gracious. No the reason is the buildings are a bit dated so this in effect is a tradeoff of great views in exchange for a less modern facility. That said, there is a an indoor pool, clubhouse and other amenities although they are a bit dated.

If you are interested in a condo with a view but can't afford the King Midas pricing at Tidewater or Columbia Shores, take a peek up on the bluff at Shorewood. What ever you do, be sure to enjoy the view.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The Overlooked Vancouver Lake

There are a handful of neighborhoods that have lots overlooking Vancouver Lake. This shallow lake is rather large with a mean diameter over 2 miles. Parts of Lakeshore and Felida  as well as NW Vancouver feature views of this often overlooked natural feature. 

Views over water are purported to have deeply beneficial effects to ones mental well being. This may be why such views in real estate come at such a high premium. But there are views like the one top left that are sometimes available in inexpensive properties like a condo listed at $180k right now.

There is even a new subdivision next to the Lakeshore Golf Course with lots right on the lake. The lots on the lake have new homes going in in the mid $500s. To have a lakefront home brand new for under $600k is pretty amazing. Vancouver Lake is also quite close to both Downtown Vancouver and the Port of Vancouver. 

Most of the homes and condos featuring views of Vancouver Lake are up on the bluff in Lakeshore and Felida. These homes up high tend to offer a larger territorial view along with the water view. 

So a view can be had for a reasonable price when you look for it in places you may not have known existed. What ever you do, be sure to enjoy the view.