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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Hip or Serenity? Pick a View

What's your favorite view? A hip view downtown, looking at the skyline or maybe an urban park, waterfront, etc.? Or perhaps something more serene, a quiet lakefront, forested mountains with snow-capped peaks in the distance. The best part is that we have all of that and most of the stuff in between right here in Clark County, Washington.

From Downtown Vancouver which has an increasingly urban vibe and lots of new high rise developments for the city dwelling dreamers right out to places like Yacolt and Amboy with serene forests and spectacular mountains. You can have the city buzz with the metropolitan clatter and clank of the busy bees downtown or you can hear nothing but the breeze through trees and the summer crickets singing at night.

The best part is that it is only about half an hour drive between to two extremes! That is more amazing than the sum of all the views. City to Country and back on your lunch hour.

I had an open house last weekend in a high rise condo downtown. The Farmer's Market was happening, the sun was out and the crowds were buzzing around the park soaking up the vitamin D after a chilly and snowy second half of winter. There is a serious cool factor being in the thick of the city with everything a short walk away, yet high above it all.

Clark County views are a diverse mix of city, suburban, and rural and they are all fabulous. What ever you do, be sure to enjoy the view.