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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

New Views on the North Shore of Lacamas Lake

The north shore of Lacamas Lake in Camas has been opened up and soon a whole new series of neighborhoods with views of Lacamas Lake and Prune Hill will come to market. The map shows the overall area that will undergo development although sizable chunks of the red area is reserved for permanent natural preservation and parkland.

Lacamas Shores has been the exclusive neighborhood featuring homes overlooking the lake. Now that Camas has opened up the north shore of the lake, more opportunity for that Lacamas experience should soon arrive. The first of these new north shore developments, Deer Haven is nearly built out and features modern homes on smallish lots, many with a view of the lake.

I have a property in Deer Haven listed at $695,000 and it has a peek-a-boo view. But others have a more majestic vista of the lake and surrounding terrain. The range of prices in this subdivision run from $700 to $900k and 3000-4000 SF. Deer Haven is featured in New Homes of Clark County, here.

Camas is on the move and growing like a weed it was only a matter of time before the North Shore opened up. So now at Lacamas you can be sure to enjoy the view... north or south.